Beauty Tips To Change The Life Of Every Woman

Weak Nails
Lack of calcium is annoyingly common in women. It causes weak bones and brittle nails. Including more calcium into your diet is obviously very helpful. But try this hack too. Mix coconut, honey, and lavender and place your finger in the blend. Do this for 14-16 minutes every week to see the spell work a charm on your nails.

Who doesn’t love the beach? Oh, we surely do. But we hate the sunburns. If you got any sunburns at the beach even after applying sunscreen, do this. Take a long relaxing bath in warm water.Mix some baking soda into the water too. This soothes your sunburnt skin a lot.

Glowing Face
A face which has a glow just cannot have a bad day for too long. So, to make use of this witchcraft potion. Mix some gelatin, water, and activated charcoal. Now apply this as a facial mask and make your face glow. Don’t forget to take off the mask or we’re afraid the results won’t be as we stated.