Grow And Cultivate These 10 Herbs At Your Own Home Using Only Water!

In this article you are going to find the simplest ten herbs that you can grow at your own home and you will not need anything but water!

The primary step you should do is place the chosen herbs into glass bottles that contains water (pure water). You shouldn’t use tap water because it contains other chemicals and compounds that can damage the herbs.

The best option for you would be to put the herbs into glass bottles, but plastic bottles are also great. However, the bottles need to be coloured because you shouldn’t expose the roots to direct light. Bottles that have a narrow mouth will keep the herbs in an upright position.

If you notice that the herbs have flowered and its leaves are getting out of the narrow opening, you should cut them off because they will probably rot in the water. Depending on which plant you have put into the glass you should change the water accordingly.

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